Sienna West Shares Her Husband with Rachel Roxxx

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rachel roxxx sienna westRachel Roxxx has just moved in next door to a house with a swimming pool. She has been home alone all day long feeling the heat and really wants to cool off, so she puts on one of her sexiest bikinis and goes to the neighbor’s.

Sienna West‘s husband answers the door to Rachel standing there practically bursting out of her bikini and very sweetly asking if she can go for a swim. Unable to say no to such a hot body, he shows her the way.

Sienna notices that her husband keeps staring out the window and discovers that her new neighbor is naked in their pool. She goes out to have a talk with her, but finds herself stripping down instead.

Sienna and Rachel are getting hot and heavy in the pool when Sienna’s husband comes out and catches them. Feeling playful, Sienna leads Rachel into the bedroom with them and all three start going wild.

Both girls go down on him at once, playfully licking and sucking. Then he rides one while the other gets eaten. Three definitely isn’t a crowd in these hot videos!

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